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tv   [untitled]    September 10, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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it was going to stand for the situation to offer support and financial support and to ensure these young people are [inaudible] crossed thousands of miles barely made it into the us with hopes of safety and fighting apparent -- san francisco needs to be that city >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning supervised my name is abigail -- executive director for legal services in san francisco. i'm here with the news and bad news. our office has represented and accompanied immigrant children since 21 and a person worked on many of these cases so i can tell you how difficult these cases are. how complex they are legally involving multiple legal systems often taking a year or 2 years or to resolve. i don't need to tell you about the fact that these cases all involve significant, because you've heard from children themselves this morning about what they've experienced. but because these are children and children who've experienced, these are cases that have to be dealt with with extreme care.
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and carefulness. an effort. the numbers recently over the past year have become staggering. our agency and many others cannot possibly meet the need in the current situation. we have been turning away cases which is heartbreaking. so that's the bad news. but we are in a community that has a wealth of nonprofit community nonprofit agencies with experience and with commitment and we are also in a community that is an incredibly generous committed private bar. this summer our office hosted 2 trainings for private attorneys who wish to volunteer in these cases between the 2 trainings over 200 attorney showed up. but we don't have the staffing to properly utilize that
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energy. we weren't we've not been able to send nearly the number of cases that we want to to these volunteers but because the cases are there but because we don't have the staffing. this supplemental make a difference and together with the city, the nonprofit community, and the private are working together with the supplemental we can do this. we can make sure the children are represented and that's the good news. thank you >> taking. next speaker please >> good afternoon. my name is maria does your mother legal central american resource center. as a salvadoran american who knows the violence percent of these young men and women are [inaudible] i was a victim of sexual assault while i was in el salvador when i was 13 years old. seeing these its hits a nerve with me such a very big nerve with me. in the recent months we've seen an increase in -- the conflict that's coming to the offices and we not only see children but also families. we see mothers that are coming here because they themselves have been victims of crime and are trying to protect their children. in countries like el salvador to my personal expense i know that
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these crimes can be reported. however, nothing ever comes from these funds. the government does not protect their citizens and on top of that they come here to suffer and not have any kind of legal counsel. i want you to look down inside your hearts and think how you would tell a 17-year-old mom the left her 3-year-old child behind because this poem was frightened that she was going to be killed for being too pretty. a 12-year-old that has welts on her legs because she was abused and she threatened the abuser to tell her mom that happens to be in the us. how do [unintelligible] to go back to that because we do not have space to take your case at this moment? how do we tell the six-year-old that was left without eating any kind of food for 3 days because he wouldn't wash his aunts close.
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these are the cases that we are seeing. these are things that these young men and women are suffering and not only do they need legal services but i think that you we also need to -- although i commend the money that's been allocated or hopefully will be allocated for these children -- you need to really think the city needs to think that the mental services also because not only are they suffering from things they do not understand but they do not really comprehend the reasons that they've got into this and why the government is not protecting them. so, we as the city need to protect our children. >> thank you. next speaker. >> thank you so much supervisor campos. i'm here on behalf of of jewish community relations council of san francisco. [inaudible] the
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jewish community relations council is the public affairs arm for the organized jewish community which represents approximately 70 jewish community organizations and synagogues on matters of concern for our community. when i say our community i mean are very broad community including everybody lives around us. the refugee experience is a very painful one for the jewish community's legacy. which is why as an organization deeply rooted in jewish values we support policies that promote human rights protection of children, family unification, though the torah's command to welcome the stranger. i'm here to support your ordinance that would appropriate $1.2 million a year or 2 years and will to fund legal services for children and department cube rotation proceedings in the
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step is a skill immigration reported lead to realize this a very small amount and cannot possibly cover all the needs. san francisco must do its part to ensure that these children endanger prosecution in their country of origin are given a meaningful opportunity to seek asylum under the us law. we know from syracuse university transactional records that only one in 10 children who appear in immigration court without representation have been allowed to stay in the us. versus is the percent of children with legal representation have been allowed to stay. these statistics help tell the story of the importance of legal representation for these children were fleeing intense violence and persecution in their home countries. there often traumatized by the journey and have no way of knowing the complexities of us immigration system. competent legal presentation is vital that the children are not are able to make sense. i'm also here to speak on behalf of 7 cisco's interfaith coalition for immigrant rights which
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wasn't able to state that these proceedings are laughing and they add their voice in support of this ordinance. thank you very much >> thank you very much. next speaker >> my name is anna i'm with volunteer with -- my name is regime neptune and him with the interfaith community directed by rev. lee. i would especially like to thank the student -- the children who have been so courageous in giving their testimony under the circumstances. it is truly truly important for them to continue to voice their experiences. i would also like to thank supervisor campos is a role model to these children in
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terms of letting them know that despite what they have gone through, that there is a role model who has also gone through similar circumstances and he is staying here as a supervisor and that things will get better. so i implore the committee to vote for this. it is definitely a human rights issue and we as the interfaith community will also participate in spreading the word and providing assistance. >> thank you very much. next speaker please >> good afternoon supervisor my name is oren osama legal director of the lawyers committee for civil rights. we strongly support this supplemental appropriation. as others have said, the need for representation of unaccompanied
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children families on the rocket docket is probably overwhelming the capacity of nonprofit providers. this is an area where having a lawyer makes an anonymous difference in outcome . if we as a city do not act now to increase the capacity of nonprofit providers result will be more wrongful deportations and in enormous social and economic cost to the city. i want to address a particular issue has come up in this discussion which of the role pro bono attorneys in meeting the needs of unaccompanied youth. the short answer is that for crisis of this magnitude the resources of the private bar critical as they are simply cannot close the justice that is why the patient is so essential. in the bay area were fortunate to have a strong proponent community is given the time and resources to a host of issues such as family law law landlord issues we work as a [inaudible] we know that that is an important complement to but never the replacement for the role of nonprofit
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attorneys. last month we were fortunate to receive a grant through the city to the right to counsel program to assist with representation through pro bono resources of san francisco residents-based deportation. i want to make clear that this grant is not in any way diminish the need for the supplemental appropriation for you today for 2 important reasons. 1st, the numbers are simply too large as the budget and legislative analyst report is carefully laid out. 2nd, the grant we received not focus on either unaccompanied youth on the rocket docket. also some of his clients are expected to be part of the caseload that we undertake with a grant that we perceived you looking more broadly it also presents the residence in the deportation services. we shall support the supplemental appropriation.
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thank you >> thank you, sir dude next speaker >> good afternoon my name is francisco [inaudible] him immigration specialist at this imposes the public defender's office in newly created position as public defender to provide assistance to noncitizens that arrested and accused of crimes. i've also been a part of this improves the legal service provider community and spent 6 years providing deportation and immigration courts. let me say that again a lot of advocacy here in the city that never seen a coalition with such different political constituencies that with such broad support. so not only are legal services providers present. top bar firms in the city are present including -- the bar association of san francisco. the american immigration lawyers association says they're mostly private attorneys and base building nonprofit organizations like --. to me the decision to support the supplemental is
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pretty easy. 1st, it's outstanding sound and groundbreaking public policy. based on empirical evidence. 2nd, it is the right political choice and were city of 40% nearly 40% foreign-born and there is pretty universal support for this and 3rd, it will inspire other jurisdictions cities counties states and hopefully the federal government to provide additional support for this desperately needed initiative for counsel for individuals. finally, nonprofit i've not --. consistently we were getting inquiries from lawsuits from the top law schools in the country seeking opportunity to do this groundbreaking exciting work and we have to turn those attorneys awake by providing this funding will give them opportunity to give these attorneys aspiring amazing talented lawsuits the ability to [inaudible] removal device >> thank you. next speaker
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please >> good afternoon. my name is conciliar candia and him immigration attorney program corridor at --. i'm here because [inaudible] also part of this proposal for funding to support legal services for unaccompanied chimp children of families. i have personally seen the increase in need of uncommitted children up it was last year. we even before this increase have been struggling to meet the demand in the community for services. the creation of the expedited rocket docket in service co. immigration court has even made it more difficult for us to do this. we are simply incapable of addressing this. every day we see children and families come through our doors seeking help. the majority have to turn away or referred to other organizations and it's
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heartbreaking because we have to turn them away or for them to other organizations that we know are also at capacity and cannot take on their cases. the reason why we can't take these cases on is because they're extremely complicated as other people appointed out. the barely [inaudible] intensive. they can spend years. the emotionally exhausted that they're very demented because of the stories that we hear. we get to know our clients very well. to turn people away is really heartbreaking because we know the stakes are very high. we know the children and families if they don't receive restitution and court is more likely that they will have a negative outcome and there'll be returned to their home countries to face rape torture or death. the stories i hear every day are horrifying and they stay with me. after hearing them how can i look at a child's face and tell them that i can't help them. i don't know how i do it but i have to do it every day. that's one asking you to support this.
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thank you >> thank you very much. next. >> my name is --. one of the reasons why i'm here is because i been reading on the news what has been happening. and i remember myself when i was a little child's and i came to this country. it was , you know, experience was okay because my father had many brothers and uncles and nephews and units at the border so, yes i was on the
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train. i almost lost one of my brothers luckily he made it back to the train. so that is what's happened with the children that i decided i want to get involved and also because in my case, i spent 24 years without seeing one of my sisters and one of my brothers because of the way immigration laws worked. my sister was only allowed to come to the country because my father was dying. a lot of times they say a lot of the comments i see online are doing the legal way to it the legal way. i remember telling what might sisters one-time, okay don't risk of it because i know there's a lot of rape and
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all these things that happen over there. so do it the legal way. guess what. she's been waiting 14 years and it doesn't move. it involves a few weeks per month or something. so, to make it short, what you guys are doing in here is something that other cities should be doing. because these children they definitely need help. it's very traumatizing for a child's i mean for grown-up to open up what's happening to them and not every woman has been raped is going to come up to -- and say it what has happened to her. please help them. thank you very much >> thank you very much. is there any other member of the public has not spoken with mike
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to speak? seeing none, of the comment is closed. mr. chairman >> i'll just make a very brief remark i want to thank all of the folks who've come out to speak and i specially want to thank the children and to the children i like to say a few words in spanish.i just want to
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add my voice of support for providing legal representation to these young people., actually very impressed with how this supplemental is been put together. the work that the
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budget analyst has done. getting a sense of what the impact here in san francisco and what the overall need for paying for legal representation is which much higher than $1.2 million. i am also impressed that the organizing is going on on the community site with the bar association and base organizations another private lawyers as well. put money forward and very quickly the people ready to get to work and help the young people facing cube rotation and protect them. most of all, i'm incredibly moved by in a way i have not in the board chamber bubbly and 3 other occasions clearly moved by the young people of, and presented applies to us and share their stories with us.
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who of experienced things that many adults never experience in their lives. and they're so young and the courage and bravery you've taken to reunify with your families to take this journey to look for a better life to flee the dangers you face in your land. it's unimaginable but thank you for your journey and thank you for sharing your journey with us. this is not about this is a huge issue that our nation needs to respond to in a much better way than we have so far. when we see the human side how can we not respond in the most appropriate way to welcome you to make sure you have a home
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these are the values that this country is about these are the bows that san francisco is about also. more so, at times than the rest of the country so this supplemental appropriation is so aligned with this legislation before site is so aligned it works so well with our sanctuary city of course but of course imprisoned scope values in general and again i want to thank all the people worked on it. let's move this forward. >> supervisor martin >> i also want to thank supervisor compos for bringing this forward in many of the immigrant rights organizations and immigrant rights movement for their dedication to making sure that separates go lives up to our reputation as a city of refuge and century for everyone. to the children that spoke i supervisor avalos mentioned to
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mike tremendous respect for you and the courage that you have to speak before us and to hopefully lead a new generation to fight for immigrant rights and dignity for everyone. thank you so much. i know that reunification of families and preventing separation of families is a critical part of our values in san francisco and you young people are really showing tremendous leadership as well that your young age based on your experience to make sure that her city looks up to our values. i also want to say that the supervisor compos and others mentioned that the data that was gathered by the budget and legislative analyst and recommendation are really well done and very thorough and the $1.2 million per year for 2 years hopefully is a starting point to address as on so some from the lawyers committee mentioned the huge gap especially from the low income
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communities and hopefully this is a starting point to achieve much closer to justice as we need to register immigrants but for everyone that needs to support varsity but thank you so much to supervisor comments and the immigrant rights movement. >> so speaking of ms. derosa support mr. rosalie got her to report gets to before we take a boat when we heard a report please >> is to chairman members of the committee supervisor compos, the budget and legislative analysts estimated annual cost of $1,250,000 shown in table 4 on page 11 of our report to provide legal services to unaccompanied juveniles and family unit. appearing in separate cisco immigration courts and residing in san francisco include both attorney and support staff costs. if all the attorney cause" that we estimate cost to
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buy these to provide his legal services could be reduced by $136,200 to [inaudible] as an alternative to the request appropriation of $2,040,000 the board of supervisors could consider appropriating firms funds of 1 million that they only [inaudible] appropriating funds to pay only attorney costs and not the support costs would reduce the requested to your appropriation by 2 under 72,400 when 2,004,000 when $2,004,000-$2,127,000 $600. we consider approval of this proposal legislation to be a positive manner the person presently happy to respond to any questions >> thank you mr. rose. supervisor compos >> thank you mr. chairman that i did was to figure budget and legislative analyst because it is their work that is gotten to this point and i also want to thank all of the kids and families that spoke with them. i believe that every single one
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of the pennies that is requested is needed but i think that it's important for us in my view to speak with one voice as much as possible so in the spirit of coppermine is certainly okay with the request being limited to the 1.063 i think is the amount for each year for 2 years and would ask the committee to for that they positive recommendation. i just want to note that should this item be approved by the committee should the item be approved by the board of supervisors that we are already working very closely with the mayor's office and trying to the mayor's office is here to make sure that the process should this be approved that the money that the process is expedited since the money is available as quickly as possible so that there is an expedited rfp process. if it's
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really important for us to move this item forward to not only look for to the support from the board but also from the mayor's office. thank you >> thank you supervisor campos. supervisor avalos >> yes. i would like to move this forward. accepting the budget analysts recommendation and approving the ordinance >> supervisor articles has made a motion. before we vote on that i want to weigh in here. i will say that personality thing supervisor campos for his leadership on this issue. for me this a little more challenging than others in terms of the supplemental i think without a doubt the stories and courage shown in front of us today have been incredible and it's impossible not to want to do everything to up the situation. i think my circle lies in the past year as chair of our budget and finance committee realizing that interim budget prices we don't have enough to
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spend on our own citizens or residents have been lobbying us in working with us for years whether the senior meals and even the tone of enough food to homeless individuals or children or families. it's the same pot and it's a challenge. i would much rather see we just philanthropic way in the city of service go but until that time i do believe it's important that we act. i would just relate my own experience when i was a young lawyer working at wilson -- i spent a number of months work in a pro bono case representing someone from columbia was going to be deported and ultimately was deported back to columbia graduate states a drug cartel and a lot of definites family at the hands of a fark anna comes to america and initiative oats and stored away in a cargo
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hold for 9 days incredible conditions. really got to see firsthand what was then the immigrant card court in what is now i can only imagine now. i know my stuff was down there the other we feel that this morning. as the woman noted getting books from a public library got to the children this morning and they were delivered this morning. that's important to support this. summary at personal expense and at the end of the day we are nation of evidence. my mother is from germany and mike gaddis for third-generation american. we can't turn our situation again. my son was then we never have enough owes the city is always going to be the case that we deal with that and how we rationalize and balance it. but i'm going to be supportive of this today with supporting mr. rose's recommendation and really hopeful that philanthropic way we can look to our city of 70 of service to step forward and if that's the case we can do that actually
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reduce the burden on our public funds as a city. be very supportive that. to submit my all-time look forward to working with the mayor's office is engage in that nra gun down to mexico to work on this issue. so, with that horrific supervisor campos and opposes motion and can we dig a motion without objection i motion to amend the budget analysts recommendation and a motion to accept the underlying item as amended. we can take that without objection. >> [applause] >> medicolegal item number 4 >> item number 4 is [inaudible] authorizing the opposite district attorney to renew its current agreement with the california victim compensation [inaudible]


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